FIFA Soccer/Football Trivia for Java Phone

FIFA Soccer/Football Trivia for Java Phone 1.2.2

Quiz your friends on football facts


  • 200 questions


  • Experts might find it too easy

Very good

If like me you've spent countless hours at the pub arguing with friends over who scored the first ever World Cup goal, or which player broke their neck in an FA Cup final or which English team scored the first goal of the millennium - that was Brighton by the way, then this trivia pack might be able to save you some time. Soccer Trivia has football facts from the beginning of time, when Stanley Matthews used to chase small dogs from muddy pitches.

Play on your own or use the questions as the basis for a fun quiz night with friends. There are 200 questions to pit your wits against, some easy, others rather more challenging. The focus is very much on past World Cups but there are also other football facts in there too. So which dog rescued the World Cup from a hedge after it was stolen? You'll have to find out. But by the way, he hung himself afterwards. That's true by the way.

Soccer Trivia is a triva program covering soccer (football) history. It quizzes your knowledge on players' all time records, stats and game rules. It also tests your familiarity with the past World Cups. Each game pack contains 200 questions. You can go through the questions orderly or randomly, you can also track your score and time spent as you progress through the questions.

Soccer Triva is a perfect game to prepare for the next World Cup, or showcase your soccer knowledge among your soccer friends. It is also a perfect icebreaker in bars or clubs.

FIFA Soccer/Football Trivia for Java Phone


FIFA Soccer/Football Trivia for Java Phone 1.2.2

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